a hedonist with a conscience, how pathetically tragic…

04 Oct

Self imposed limitations, I’m a walking paradox. I suppose that’s half the fun and the underlying problem with reinvention/rebirth… Trying on too many shoes hoping one will fit. Despite my biggest vice being (besides cigarettes, cheesy fiction, fantasy, zombies, bacon, starwars, black and white horror films, robot cookie jars named R2SweetTooth, tea, whiskey and mind altering guitar solos and the occasional mind altering pill) the oh so fun existential crisis (billy corgan got it so right, “intoxicated with the madness, I’m in love with my sadness,”) I still have to cling to the belief that no matter how isolated we appear to be we are all linked, we all share a deep relationship simply by being human. We are never truly alone that and well suburbia is a god awful place to be when the zombie apocalypse begins.

Connected or not on some spiritual level suburbia would be near lethal. Do you realize how many individuals are crammed into tiny boxes all neatly placed? Yeah feel alone now, when the apocalypse comes and your sipping your tea quietly you’ll see…

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