baby penetrate my mind.

03 Dec

Firstly lets start off this rant with something utterly bizarre. This morning much to my dismay I awoke to find plumbers conveniently faffing with the geyser located in my cupboard (odd placement I know but that is not the only thing that’s odd). In the gruff overtones only a plumber at eight am can exude the problem was a faulty sacrificial anode. Sacrificial anode? How wonderfully malevolent and mysterious, the virgin anode leapt to its watery fate amidst the tribal dancers of the geyser people. How selfless you useless piece of anode. Isn’t it a bit theatrical to name the anode as sacrificial its awfully pretentious and oh so condescending… Yes ma’am the sacrificial anode… commonly seen it yep jumps to its death all the bladdy time, can never trust them trixie little blighters. Then what the bloody hell is it there for in the first place if its life’s goal is to sacrifice itself.

Secondly, I still haven’t figured out how to shake the feeling of you. Speaking to you again as glorious as that may be has just plunged me into new heights of ineptitude and longing. I’m utterly restless and decidedly useless. Planning to spend the day relapsing on my magic 8 ball and attempting to overcome my writers block.

Maybe the sacrificial anode got it right.

Peace, love and empathy. vinyl splinters.

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