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way out, in the water, see it swimming. . .

Jazz, blues, good rock or graphic novels are all the inherently the same in that they stem from the desire to feel something bigger than yourself. A desire to tap into that universal pain of the working man, the rejected man whose love was destroyed almost as quickly as it was plunged into existence. When your faced with something so creatively awe inspiring or charged with such raw uninhibited emotions your forced to let go, to be humbled. Your also healed, your soul is finally satisfied as all your insecurities and emotions are validated through transcendent music or the comfort of an illustration. That which you feel so strongly which weighs you down is felt by another, just that knowledge is enough to find the strength you needed all along. If blues taught us anything its that although we are incredibly fragile, the strength of the human spirit is unrivaled. Ironically resilience and hardship aren’t mutually exclusive, lord knows you can’t have one without the other. . . probably the reason why I have an incredible soft spot for strong lead females who have latent emotional insecurities, are actively (by their own doing) over sexualized taking on the stereotypical male imagery of leather boots, tat’s and a kick ass hair do to assert their dominance.

“You have all the weapons you need, now fight,” my latest crack in the awe invoking department is suckerpunch. it stumbled across my path while dying a friends hair at another friends apartment(that sounded awfully mysterious completely unintentional I swear), the merry procession of bongs and a need for entertainment resulted in me catching a few glimpses into what I can only say is pure art. I was hooked, for the first time in three years much to the delight of the local video store, I hired suckerpunch and so my descent into infatuated madness began.

I identified so strongly with babydoll, my new rolemodel. so beautifully tragic, plus c’mon as a gamer the fight sequences blew my mind. Did some amazing little fellow sit down one day and say hey what would the coolest fight scenes in the world be and mix them all together providing a feast for the mind. Yes your mind… robots in outerspace, dragons, knights, orc’s and demon ninja samurai. Yes please. I think I’ve broken the movie for myself at the moment, I’ve watched it so many times a break is needed before I can feast on its magnificence once more. I rate it as one of my favourites alongside fight club.

Peace, love and empathy. vinyl splinters.

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