Welcome to the journal of a narcissist, a pessimist, an optimist, emotionally crippled paradox, existential crisis wielding, strong, creatively distraught, intellectual, anime transposed into real life individual. This is the graveyard for my thoughts, an outlet for that which I don’t feel I can say to the people I probably should be saying it too, a record of my descent into madness and my rebirth. More importantly its my strongest tool in my arsenal to find myself again, releasing my inner most thoughts, weaknesses, happiness to awaken the creativity I persecuted so long ago. Plus hopefully when faced with decisions that are bound to come, my notes will remind me of reasons I hold true. A tangible record of my inner honest dialogue stopping self rationalization of stupid choices. I’ve made far too many. Now is the time for creativity falling in love with life grappling with what it means to be me. To be interchangeable, a human puppet for your pleasure.


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